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Term Fund comparable rate calculator

Enter different values below to find out what you could earn.

Minimum $5,000. To invest more than $10,000,000 call ASB on 0800 650 506
  % p.a.
This is intended as a guide only, actual rates may differ.

Important information: The ASB Term Fund is issued by ASB Group Investments Limited. Investments in the ASB Term Fund are not deposits with ASB Bank Limited. ASB Bank Limited guarantees account balances and returns at the agreed rates (before tax and any fees). The guarantee is unsecured. *Joint account holders cannot currently open an ASB Term Fund account in FastNet Classic.

If you have a PIR of 0%, the after tax return from a Term Deposit and a Term Fund investment will be the same, and the return from a Term Fund is required to be included in your tax return and will be taxed at your personal tax rate.

For Investments in ASB Term Deposits, ASB’s Personal Banking Terms and Conditions (including the Investment Statement for Term Deposits) apply.

Disclaimer: This calculator is intended as a guide only and some rounding is used. Your exact return will depend on the start date of your investment and the rates that apply at the time. All interest rates and rates of return quoted are subject to change.

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