Irrigation Specialists

Whether you’re part of an irrigation scheme or ready to develop your own, ASB has the funding expertise to help you get water where you want it.

Benefits at a glance

  • Tailored lending packages for your needs and business' size
  • Work with banking specialists, experienced in delivering structured finance solutions at the scheme and individual farm stages
  • Access to institutional investors for potential scheme funding solutions
  • Knowledge of Government policies around environmental consents and water takes impacting the overall sector

How it works

While modern irrigation schemes can boost the economic prosperity of an area, delivering the capital required for these can be challenging.

At ASB we have the team and capability to support funding at both the scheme and on-farm infrastructure development levels. 

We will work directly with you to create a tailored plan to meet your requirements.

Can we help your business? Talk to us today

Nigel Shirtcliff

Executive Manager, Rural Corporate

Phone: 0275 606 264
Email: Nigel.Shirtcliff@asb.co.nz

Irrigation scheme funding

For enquires relating to irrigation scheme funding, please get in touch with Nigel Shirtcliff, Executive Manager for Rural Corporate.

Farm infrastructure funding

If you're interested in on-farm infrastructure funding, please contact your nearest ASB Rural Manager.

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