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A loan you could use for a new car, travel, debt consolidation or a wedding. Whatever you need, an ASB Personal Loan could be an option.

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Apply for an ASB Personal Loan

A new or used car, a well deserved holiday, a home renovation, weddings, or investing in your education? An ASB Personal Loan could be right for you.

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Top up existing ASB Personal Loan or make an extra repayment now

If you have a loan with ASB already you can simply apply for a top-up, or make extra repayments without penalties and save on interest.

Top up your loan

Interested to know what topping up your loan could mean for you? Check out our useful section on whether you're eligible to extend your loan.

Consolidate your debts and make it simpler to pay back

A new or used car, a well deserved holiday, a home renovation, weddings, or investing in your education? An ASB Personal Loan could be right for you*.

Apply for debt consolidation

Looking to consolidate all your debts into one? Learn our simple tips to take back control of your debt.


Calculate your personal loan, compare different loans and save your loan option via email for later.

Interest rates and fees

Secured personal loan
(minimum amount $20,000)
Unsecured personal loan
(minimum amount $2,000)

As an example, if you borrow $5,000 over 5 years at 16.45% p.a., the total interest cost will be about $2,486.

Your interest rate depends on your financial circumstances. A loan processing fee of $99 may apply. Rates and fees may change. A PPSR (security registration) fee of $25 will apply to all secured personal loans. Find out more about our rates and fees.

What can I do with a personal loan?

Car loan

New wheels? No problem. We can put you in the driving seat.

Education Loan

Invest in your future, with our help to cover the cost of getting started.

Home Renovation Loan

Time for a kitchen or bathroom upgrade? Own that home improvement with ASB.

Travel Loan

Pay for your big upfront holiday costs and save your credit card for spending.

Wedding Loan

Put a ring around it. Give yourself an awesome day, without blowing your budget.

Does an ASB Personal Loan work for me?

  • Answers usually within 24 hours
  • Make extra repayments online at any time, with no charges and no fees
  • Get finance for new and used vehicles
  • Just 3 simple steps to get your money. Calculate. Apply. Get approved
  • Choose your repayment term, from 6 months to 7 years
  • You can choose your repayment amount by setting a longer or shorter term
  • Take control, roll your debts into one and have one regular repayment
  • Apply to borrow any amount over $2,000 if you're over 18 and are a NZ Citizen

Applying for your personal loan online

01. Calculate

Decide how much you need and what your repayments would be.

02. Apply

Apply online. It's even faster if you're already with ASB.

03. Get approved

We'll let you know if you're approved in 24 hours or less.

04. Get your money

We usually put the funds into your account the same day you sign the loan documents.

Apply for an ASB Personal Loan

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Interest rates and fees subject to change. ASB's lending criteria, terms and fees apply.

Our unsecured personal loan interest rates can vary within a range of 12.95% p.a. to 19.95% p.a.

*Debt consolidation loans cannot be used to repay an existing ASB personal loan or repay loans from friends or family.

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