How Easy Life and Living can protect you and your family

Whether you are new to ASB Easy Life and Living, or have had it for some time, we want to help you understand your policy a little better. Regardless of if you live alone or have a family to support, it can be financially devastating to lose your income through redundancy, illness, disability or death. Your Easy Life and Living policy gives you peace of mind and can cover the following insurance needs:

  • Life Cover
    Receive up to $500,000 if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness (see the policy wording for a definition of terminal illness).
  • Loan and Rent Assistance Cover
    Get up to $4,500 per month if illness or injury leaves you totally disabled (as defined by your policy) for over 30 days.

    Please note, eligibility criteria apply.

  • Redundancy Cover
    Receive up to $4,500 a month if you are unable to work due to involuntary redundancy for more than 30 days. Only available if you have Loan and Rent Assistance Cover. Please note, eligibility criteria apply. You cannot claim for a redundancy that occurs in the first 90 days from your policy's start date. Involuntary redundancy will not include redundancy where you are self-employed or if your employer is a relative.

For full details and eligibility criteria, refer to the policy wording.

Important exclusions to be aware of

It's important that you understand the exclusions that apply to Easy Life and Living, including pre-existing medical conditions and certain types of hazardous activity.

A pre-existing condition is any illness, injury or medical condition (or sign or symptom of one) that you were aware of or sought medical advice for in the last five years before the policy started.

See Easy Life and Living exclusions for more information on these and other policy exclusions. Need to see a copy of your Easy Life and Living policy? View the policy document here or call us on 0800 200 252.

Is your cover protecting a loan?

While loan insurance is not mandatory, it is important. Easy Life and Living can protect your loan, and more, so cover does not stop when the loan does and your level of cover does not decrease as your loan does.

What other options do I have?

ASB Lifestyle Security Plan is a more comprehensive protection plan sold through an ASB Insurance Manager. You will be taken through a full protection review, and then will be provided a recommendation that has the right mix of cover to suit your goals and financial situation.

Simply call 0800 200 252 to book an appointment.

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Have any questions?

If you have any questions about your policy or are worried that Easy Life and Living might not be right for you, call ASB on 0800 200 252.

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Need more comprehensive cover?

Talk to an ASB Insurance Manager about our Lifestyle Protection Plan.

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Want to reduce or cancel your cover?

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Helpful information

The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. All applications are subject to individual consideration. Special conditions, exclusions or premium loadings may apply. An excess may apply for health insurance policies. For full details refer to the policy document which is available on request from any ASB branch. Life, health and disability insurance is underwritten by Sovereign Assurance Company Limited ("Sovereign"). None of ASB Bank Limited or its subsidiaries, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, or any other company in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group, or any of their directors, or any other person, guarantees Sovereign or its subsidiaries, or any of the products issued by Sovereign or its subsidiaries.