Changes to ASB Personal Banking Terms and Conditions

We've made a change to the Personal Banking Terms and Conditions. The following change is effective 8th February 2024

Reversal of payments into your account: 
We've included the new clause 7.3 which outlines what may occur in the event that you have insufficient funds in your account and we need to take money from your account or reverse a payment in accordance with exisiting clauses 7.1 or 7.2.

Changes to True Rewards Card Conditions of Use and True Rewards balance update from daily to monthly.

We've updated our True Rewards Card Conditions of Use which are effective from 1 February 2024. The changes address ASB's partnership with Woolworths' Everyday Rewards Programme as an alternative rewards programme to ASB True Rewards. You can find the updated True Rewards Card Conditions of Use here. Additionally, this address True Rewards changes, where balances will be updated monthly instead of daily. The True Rewards balances will update two days after the credit card period.