Moderate Fund

Looking for more potential growth than the Conservative Fund? The Moderate Fund could be a good choice if you're working to a medium to long term timeframe and comfortable accepting a few more ups and downs in the value of your KiwiSaver savings.

Benefits at a glance

  • Targets moderate total returns over the medium to long term
  • Invests in a relatively high proportion of diversified income assets (fixed interest and cash) and a lower proportion of diversified growth assets (equities and listed property)
  • A maximum tax rate of 28% applies
  • Low fees

Is it right for me?

The Moderate Fund could suit you if:

  • You don’t expect to access your KiwiSaver savings for a minimum of four years.
  • You're willing to accept some risk with the aim of achieving moderate total returns.
  • You understand returns can vary from year to year and may be negative in some years.


Jack and Jan are in their late 50's with a freehold family home.

They both work fulltime and are unsure if they’ll retire in seven years at 65. They’re certain however that their KiwiSaver savings will be important to ensuring a comfortable retirement and may even help them avoid downsizing the house for as long as possible.

Jack and Jan want the potential to achieve moderate total returns over the medium to long term. They believe, given their medium term timeframe, they can cope with some but not big fluctuations in the value of their savings. Jack and Jan choose to switch from the higher risk and return Balanced Fund to the Moderate Fund.

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About this fund

Offering a higher risk and potential return profile than the Conservative Fund, the Moderate Fund targets a 60% investment in diversified income assets (fixed interest and cash), and a 40% in diversified growth assets (equities). The investment objective of this fund is to provide moderate total returns with a negative return expected less than one in every seven years.

Risk vs return

Target investment mix

For more information about how we manage the Moderate Fund see the Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives.  

How has this fund performed?

The Moderate Fund’s quarterly fund updates show fund performance, fees and the assets that this fund invested in.

You might also like to look at the Returns to Investors and the latest Investment Review.


Administration fee (other charge)

per year

Management fee (annual fund charge)

The annual fund charge shown above is an estimated percentage of the net asset value of the fund, based on actual fund charges for the year ending 31 March 2016.

We reduce your investment each month to pay for the fees. Fees are plus GST, if any.

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