Why am I being asked to try using the ASB ID app again?

Last Updated: 19 Oct 2018

After you have sent your photos using the ASB ID app we may email you to ask you to try again. There could be a number of reasons such as glare on the photo ID, an unclear selfie, or details that don’t match.

ASB also requires that your information entered in the Join ASB form exactly matches your selected photo ID. Differences (however minor) may mean you’ll be asked to retry using the ASB ID app. Remember to check your details displayed in the ASB ID app exactly match your photo ID details. If required, you can correct the details using the app.

You can either choose to take the photos again using ASB ID app or visit any ASB branch with your photo ID to confirm your identity in person. If you choose to retry using the ASB ID app follow these tips for taking photos with the ASB ID app.

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