What's new in FastNet Classic internet banking?

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2019

We've recently made a few improvements to your internet banking experience to make managing your money even easier. When you log in to FastNet Classic internet banking you’ll notice changes in the header in three key places:

1. The menu

The new menu will make it easy for you to switch between day-to-day internet banking, share trading and managing your home loan. 

We’ll continue to add new digital experiences to the menu in the future, enabling you to manage more of your financial needs conveniently and securely online.

2. Notifications

To make it simpler to manage your messages, new notifications are indicated by a blue count in the header. Clicking on the bell icon opens a convenient ‘quick view’ where you can flag a notification if you want to come back to it, or take action there and then.

Notifications menu showing banking messages.

When your notifications expire they'll remain in your new Notifications hub, which provides a permanent record of every message you have received from us.

Notifications hub showing banking messages.

You can still send secure messages to us by going to My Messages in the main menu. This is the safest way to send instructions and personal information, as the message stays inside your secure, authenticated internet banking channel.

3. Your Profile

Your name now appears in the header and this is where you can keep your personal details and preferences up to date.

If you need any further help, take a look at our FastNet Classic FAQs.

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