What happens if the foreign exchange rate changes while I am completing my online foreign exchange purchase?

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2014

It means that the cost of your foreign exchange purchase will change. 

If the foreign exchange rate has gone up (relative to the $NZD) you will be able to purchase more foreign exchange than you originally intended, with the same amount of $NZD.

If the rates have gone down, (relative to the $NZD) it will cost you more $NZD to purchase the same amount of foreign exchange, or you will get less overseas currency for the same amount of $NZD.

If the rate changes, please resubmit your foreign exchange purchase order, so the amount of foreign exchange you are purchasing can be converted at the latest rate.

The foreign exchange purchase order you were in the process of making at the time of the rate change will not be debited from your account.

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