What is ASB Virtual?

Last Updated: 09 May 2019

Important Information: ASB Virtual is being decommissioned and replaced with Google Pay. The final closure and removal of ASB Virtual is the 16th July 2019.

If you have ASB Virtual loaded on your device and you also load Google Pay, ASB Virtual will automatically be removed and replaced with Google Pay the next time you log into the ASB Mobile Banking app.

Please visit the ASB Google Pay web page or the Google Pay web page to find out more information on Google Pay.

ASB Virtual is a digital version of your existing ASB Visa card and is loaded in your ASB Mobile app. Once you have set-up ASB Virtual on a compatible Android phone, ASB Virtual uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to enable you to make contactless payments. Make sure your phone's screen is lit then simply hold the back of your phone above a payWave enabled terminal, it works just like a physical contactless card.

To use ASB Virtual you will need:

  • A compatible Android phone with the latest version of the ASB Mobile Banking app that is Netcode verified.
  • An ASB Visa credit and/ or ASB Visa Debit card. 
  • Be registered to use Netcode. 

To add an ASB Virtual card:

  1. Log into ASB mobile app (a reminder you will need to be Netcode verified on your ASB Mobile app). 
  2. Tap 'Cards' from in the menu. 
  3. Select the ASB Visa card you want to add, and then press 'Add ASB Virtual'.

Find out more information about ASB Virtual.

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