What documents will I need if I have an unproved will and I am not seeking probate?

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2016

• The will – original or certified copy.

• The death certificate – original or a certified true copy.

• A birth or marriage certificate (as applicable) of the applicant – original or a true certified copy. This is to identify the relationship between the applicant and the deceased.

• This is only possible if deceased did not have a will and no more than $15000 of funds deposited with ASB at the time of death. In this scenario we may pay the funds in accordance with instructions received from the executors named in the will upon application. An Unproved Will Declaration must be completed. This can be found by clicking here. Please note that this is a sworn declaration and as such will need to be witnessed by a JP, Solicitor or Notary Public.

For further information, view our online Deceased Estates brochure.

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