How do I set up a Direct Payment link from Xero to FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 25 Jan 2016

We also allow automatic importing of payments into FastNet Business from your accounting software if your accounting software provider supports this feature. Note: At present, you can only set up Direct payment link from Xero to FNB. We expect to add support for other third party accounting software packages in the near future.

This will produce a full list of your accounts on FastNet Business. 

 - Select the account(s) you wish to set up the Direct Payment Link to

 - Tick the tick box confirming you agree to the terms and conditions

 - Click Next

*When creating payments in Xero you will have the option to send directly to FastNet Business.  When clicked, your payments will automatically appear under ‘Unsent Payments’ in the payments section in FNB, ready for you to review, authorise and send. 

Find out further information on Integrated accounting.

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