How do I set up a Direct Payment Link?

Last Updated: 03 Oct 2017

If you use Xero and FastNet Business, you can save time and reduce errors with Direct Payment Link. It lets you enter the details of your bills in Xero, and then send them as a batch payment to FastNet Business, ready to authorise. 

It's easy to set up, and eliminates the need to re-key details or download and upload text files.

Before you start 

Be sure you've set up your ASB accounts in Xero. It's easy to do. For details, see Xero's help article on setting up new accounts

Setting up Direct Payment Link

Once you've logged in to FastNet Business: 

1. Go to Administration.

2. Then 'Client'.

3. Then 'Accounting Set Up'.

4. Choose 'Xero' from the pull down menu.

A list of your accounts appears. Those that support Direct Payment Link will have a tick box next to them, ready to select. 

5. Choose the accounts you normally use for outgoing payments. You'll need to have your transaction feeds selected as well. 

6. Confirm you're happy to activate Direct Payment Link.

You'll then be asked to log on to Xero to complete the connection. That will only take a few seconds. 

Creating payments in Xero

When you have bills loaded in Xero, you can select the ones you want to pay, and click the 'Batch Payment' button. 

You’ll have the opportunity to update each payment line’s reference details, and then send them directly to FastNet Business as a single batch payment.

Your payments will automatically appear under 'Unsent Payments' in the FastNet Business payments section. You can review, authorise and send them all from there or the ASB Mobile Business app.


If you've run into any issues on the ASB side, just give our FastNet Business help desk a call on 0800 22 55 27. If you have any Xero issues, it's best to contact them directly via their support page

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