How can I protect myself from cheque fraud?

Last Updated: 18 Mar 2020

If an individual cheque or cheque book is lost or stolen, call ASB immediately on 0800 803 804 or visit any ASB branch.

Important tips to remember:

  • Always keep your cheque book in a secure place.
  • Let us know straight away if you change your postal address.
  • Do not sign blank or incomplete cheques.
  • Ensure you know the correct name of the payee.
  • Use crossings to control how the cheque can be banked, see What is a crossing on a cheque? 
  • Ensure there are no large gaps between words or numbers. 
  • Write the word ‘only’ after the amount.
  • Draw a line through any unused space in the payee and amount sections.
  • If you make an alteration to what you have written, you must sign next to the alteration with your full signature.

If you need to stop a cheque, see How do I cancel or stop a cheque? for more details.

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