My ASB Virtual is not working, what do I do?

Last Updated: 09 Mar 2018

If your ASB Virtual is not working, check for the following things: 

  1. Make sure ASB is your default within the phone settings. To check go to Settings > Tap and Pay and make sure it says "ASB Mobile".
  2. Your phone has NFC enabled – you can check this under phone settings. In some instances where you have Virtual already set up, and you download another app, your NFC settings could be disabled.
  3. No other service is set to ‘Always on’ under Tap and Pay, and you don’t a have a PayTag or other contactless cards near the terminal. 
  4. Check your Card Control settings of the card you want to pay with in the Cards menu of the ASB Mobile app. Ensure you have an ASB Virtual card set to 'Always on' and no other locks on.
  5. Ensure you have connected to Wi-Fi. If your phone has been out of range for a while, or if you have completed a number of transactions since your last Wi-Fi connection, then it may not work.

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