I'm in Online Sharetrading and I have just sold some shares. This is the only trade I have executed in relation to this particular stock with ASB Securities. Where do I see this trade in my portfolio?

Last Updated: 14 Mar 2014

You should be able to locate this trade in the Consolidated Portfolio screen. You will notice that the quantity has brackets around it. 

Why does the quantity have brackets around it? 

If there has been a sell trade, an entry will still be reflected in the portfolio. The brackets around the quantity indicate that the overall share holding is a negative value. This occurs when the sell entries exceed the buys (if any) recorded in your portfolio.

If there is a negative share value, the market value will show as $0.00 and the Change and % will show a hyphen. The Total Cost figure is not included in the overall Total Cost for that particular portfolio ie NZX or ASX.

To remove the negative value, you need to add a manual transaction in your portfolio to balance the holding to zero. You can do this in either the Transaction View or the Consolidated View screens by clicking the Add button.


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