Is the ASB Mobile app for Apple Watch and Android Wear secure?

Last Updated: 20 Oct 2015

As the ASB Mobile app on Apple Watch and Android Wear does not require a PIN or password to access 'Quick Balance' and 'Quick Transfer', we've taken a few extra measures to ensure security and minimize risks:

  • Smartwatch functionality can only be enabled by you, by logging into the ASB Mobile app on your smartphone. This gives you control over how you access your accounts.
  • When you set up the ASB Mobile app on a Smartwatch, we perform a secure registration as part of the set up. This means that your Smartwatch and the ASB Mobile app log in are linked, if you change your paired Smartwatch you'll need to go back into the Settings screen in the ASB Mobile app and enable it again.
  • We've set a maximum limit for transfers of $500 per transaction to limit the impact of accidental or fraudulent transactions. 
  • No financial information is stored on the Smartwatch

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