How do the allowances work in Track My Spending?

Last Updated: 14 Sep 2018

You can have one allowance for each of your chosen categories. This helps you track how much money you have left to spend in each category. Set a timeframe for each allowance, so you can stay on top of your spending for the week, fortnight or month. 

All allowances for a particular timeframe will start and end on the same day.

How is the average calculated?

The average for an allowance is based on the money 'in' and 'out' in that category back to your oldest transaction in Track My Spending  (up to 12 months ago).

What happens when I go over my allowance? Is my spending restricted?

No.  My allowance provides a view of your spending but does not restrict you in any way. You’re still able to spend as usual.

Where do I find the start and end date for an allowance?

Under ‘Manage My Allowances’, select the ‘View Progress’ button and hover your mouse over the ‘days to go’ for an allowance. You’ll see a description showing the start and end date.

Why does my allowance show a negative dollar value spent?

This happens if your category has more money in than out.  A common example of this might be a refund.

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