How do I order a foreign cheque using FastNet Classic?

Last Updated: 22 Jun 2016
  • Log In to FastNet Classic and select Accounts and then Foreign Exchange
  • On the Foreign Exchange screen, select Buy Foreign Cheques
  • Follow the instructions on the Foreign Cheque page which determines the amount and currency you wish to purchase, and select the Foreign Cheque button.  If you wish to change the amount, select New Quote
  • On the next page, select Make Purchase if you wish to continue
  • Complete who the foreign cheque is payable to, in the indicated field. You must enter the full name of the person, because the foreign cheque will be printed with this person's name. Please take care to ensure that the person's name is spelt correctly and does not include titles e.g. Mr, Mrs
  • Select an account from which the total cost or the transaction will be deducted. Record the details you wish to appear on your statement. Select Next
  • Select the ASB Branch from which you wish to pick up your foreign cheque and ensure we have your correct contact details
  • Enter your FastNet Classic Password and select Submit

Please note, if you purchase a Foreign Cheque in Euro currency, please use the drop down list to select the country in which the foreign cheque will be presented.  If the country is not listed please select the country nearest to that location.

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