How do I load money onto my Mastercard Cash Passport?

Last Updated: 20 Sep 2019

ASB ceased sales of Cash Passport cards on 23 October 2019. The information below is provided for customers who purchased a Cash Passport card from ASB before this date.

You can reload your Cash Passport card by:

  • Bank Transfer, using FastNet Classic. The primary currency wallet will need to be set up first using Cash Passport's 'My Account' on www.cashpassport.co.nz
  • Debit Card, using Cash Passport's 'My Account' Debit Card option on their website; or
  • Bill Payment in FastNet Classic (using the pre-assigned Bill Payee, 'CASH PASSPORT')

Find out more information on reloading a cash passport.

The Multi-currency Cash Passport™ (“Cash Passport”) is an unsecured debt security issued by Travelex Card Services Limited, a member of the Travelex group. Cash Passport is not guaranteed by any member of the Travelex group or any other entity. 

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