How do I enable Touch ID on the ASB Mobile App?

Last Updated: 13 Jun 2016

Touch ID is a fingerprint authentication technology on your phone. It replaces the need for a PIN or password in many cases.  Just place your finger on the screen when prompted, and the phone knows it's you and not someone else.

To get started, first allow Touch ID on your supported Apple device and in your ASB Mobile app security settings: simply log in to the ASB Mobile App, go to 'Settings', choose 'Security', tap 'Touch ID' and then 'Turn On'.

You'll then be able to sign on to the Mobile app via Touch ID instead of a PIN or password.  You'll be able to use a lot of great features with Touch ID but for added security if you want to access card control, payments or open and apply for new products you will need to enter your ASB Mobile app PIN or password. You only need to do this once per session. 

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