How do I change what type of ASB Visa credit card I have?

Last Updated: 11 Jul 2016

You can change your credit card type by sending a secure email request through My Messages in FastNet Classic internet banking and we will contact you to arrange the transfer. Alternatively you can call our contact centre on 0800 255 382.

Once you have successfully completed a PIN on your new ASB Visa credit card, any balance on your previous card will be transferred automatically to your new credit card, and your old credit card account will be closed overnight.  If you have a joint or additional card on this account, the first cardholder that successfully completes the PIN activation process will close your old credit card account. 

If the new card is not pinned within 25 days, ASB will automatically transfer any balance and close the old credit card account. Remember you will need to update any providers that you pay regularly (like bill payments) with your new card details. To view transactions on your old credit card account, use the 'Search and Export' feature in FastNet Classic.

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