How can I avoid unarranged overdraft or dishonour/ unpaid transaction fees on my account?

Last Updated: 12 Sep 2018

No-one likes paying bank fees like an unarranged overdraft fee or dishonour fee. We can help you avoid them with some simple suggestions.

1. Sign up for phone and/or internet banking. That way you can use FastPhone (phone banking) or FastNet Classic internet banking to keep a check on your accounts at any time of the day or night and make transfers to cover any shortfalls.

2. Sign up for text or email alerts. We can send you an automatic text or email if your account is overdrawn. In most cases if you act on the alert the same day, you’ll have time to fix things up and avoid being charged an unarranged overdraft fee. You also have the option of setting an alert when your account gets down to a limit set by you, giving you the chance to manage your spending.

3. Apply for a personal overdraft. This is a pre-arranged amount that is available on your account every month giving you an extra safety net in case of unexpected bills or expenses. 

(Fees and interest apply and are subject to change).

4. Use our online tools. Our online budgeting tools like Track My Spending and Business Cash Plan can really help you manage your money better.

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