What should I do if I go over a limit in FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2016

When attempting to process a payment, if you exceed a daily FastNet limit, you will receive a message upon saving your payment, which will advise which limit you have exceeded.  This will either be the daily account or user limit, and in some cases both.

You have the following  options to process your payment(s)

  1. Increasing your FastNet Business limits
  2. Releasing your payment 
  3. 3 split your payments over different due dates 

Increasing the Daily User Limit:

If the person exceeding their daily user limit is a user and not an administrator on FastNet Business, they should approach one of their FastNet Business administrators to increase their daily limit. (Note: An administrator cannot increase a daily user’s limit higher then what they have set for themselves).

If the user is an Administrator or a user requiring a higher limit than the site’s administrators then the increase of limits must be done via the FastNet Business Helpdesk.

A FastNet Business – Limit Change Request  form must be completed signed by the account signatories, scanned and email to ‘FNBHelpdesk@asb.co.nz’. Limit increase requests are  processed within one hour of receipt by the FastNet Business Helpdesk . 

You will receive an email confirmation.

Releasing your payment :

If this is a one off request, the helpdesk can release your payment. 

To request a release:

- Continue to authorise and send your payment

- Print out a copy of the payment from FastNet Business and write ‘Please release’

- The account signatory(s) of the account the payment is being deducted from must sign this request

- (Note: If your account is a one to sign, one of your account signatories can phone the FastNet Business Helpdesk on 0800 225 527 to release payments, excluding IRD payments over the phone).

- Scan and email your request to ‘FNBHelpdesk@asb.co.nz’ or fax us on 09 337 2102. The FastNet Business helpdesk will send confirmation once your payment(s) have been released. 

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