What do I need if the deceased did not have a will and has total assets at date of death under $15,000?

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2016

• The death certificate – original or a certified true copy.

• A birth or marriage certificate (as applicable) of the applicant – original or a true certified copy. This is to identify the relationship between the applicant and the deceased.

• If the deceased had no will and no more than $15,000 of funds deposited with ASB at the time of death. In this scenario we may pay the funds in accordance with instructions received from next of kin upon application.

• If the application is in a single name and there are other parties eligible for funds, a consent form and an Intestate Depositor declaration must be completed by each eligible party. These can be found here - Consent  for payment form and Intestate Depositor Declaration. Please note that this is a sworn declaration and as such will need to be witnessed by a JP, Solicitor or Notary Public.

For further information, view our online Deceased Estates brochure.

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