What are Main Categories, Fixed Categories and Sub Categories in Business Cash Plan?

Last Updated: 16 Dec 2015

A Main Category is the top level description used to categorise transactions for your business. Business Cash Plan has four main categories.  You cannot alter these, they are:

  1. Income: transactions that generate a revenue for your business.
  2. Expenses: transactions that incur an expense for your business.
  3. Other: transactions that do not fall easily into the above categories.
  4. Fixed: These are category transactions you don’t want to include in your reporting; transfers between accounts for example.

    You cannot make amends to the current codes under the Fixed category (however you can add to them).  This is because we need to take transfers between your accounts into consideration, so that we don’t over or underestimate amounts in your Business Cash Plan reports

Sub-Categories are categories that sit under the Main Category.  For example, under expenses you might have rent or rates, under Income, sales or dividends. You can add, edit, hide or delete sub categories.

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