ASB introduces ASB Virtual, contactless payment for Android phones

ASB Virtual turns ASB customers’ compatible Android phones into their ASB Visa credit or debit card.

ASB Virtual is available to ASB Visa credit and debit card customers who have the latest version of the ASB Mobile banking app on their Android phone.

ASB general manager payments Matt Bartlett is delighted to offer customers another seamless way to pay.

“ASB Virtual is, essentially, a digital wallet providing our customers the convenience of paying via their phone. Mobile phones have almost become like an extension of our arm – we talk with it, text with it, tweet, play and ‘like’ with it, so now we’re thrilled our customers can conveniently pay with their phone, too,” Mr Bartlett says.

Once added to the ASB Mobile app, ASB Virtual is ready to use. Customers can add ASB Virtual to any number of ASB Visa credit and debit credit cards available in the ASB Card Control app.

The first ASB Virtual card the customer sets up will become the ‘always on’ card and will be used automatically when making a payment. However, customers can elect an alternative card, or manage settings as they would any card, from within the Card Control function of the ASB Mobile app.

For more information on Card Control click here.

About ASB Virtual

  • ASB Virtual is a digital version of ASB Visa credit and debit cards.
  • Uses NFC (Near Field Communication) and HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology.
  • ASB Virtual is available to customers with the latest version of the ASB Mobile app on their Android phone (must have Kit Kat 4.4+ and have NFC available).
  • ASB Virtual is the first mobile wallet in New Zealand to use Visa Token Service technology.
  • Visa Token Service provides ASB Virtual with the added benefit of a new layer of security for mobile payments.

How it works

  • Set up ASB Virtual by logging in to the ASB Mobile banking app > select “Cards” from the left hand menu > choose the ASB Visa card you want > tap “Add ASB Virtual” and wait for confirmation.
  • ASB Virtual can be used just like a normal Visa payWave card, anywhere payWave is accepted.
  • To make a payment, the Android phone screen simply needs to be lit, then you hold the back of the phone over a payWave enabled terminal. The phone will vibrate, indicating it has connected.
  • Customers won’t need a PIN for transactions under $80, but for any transaction over $80 the PIN will be the same as the physical card’s four-digit PIN.
  • ASB Virtual provides customers the same protection as an ASB contactless debit and credit card. Check our guide on Security and Cyber-fraud for tips on keeping your card and phone safe.

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