ASB Visa Light

The ASB Visa Light credit card gives you more control over your budget. It has no annual account fee and our lowest purchase interest rate. If you're buying something big, you'll love our Smart Rate purchase feature.

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No account fee. Ever.

Seriously, never.

Low purchase interest rate.

Our lowest ongoing credit card purchase interest rate of 13.50% p.a.

Get going with Smart Rate.

Our Smart Rate purchase feature applies to any purchase of $1000 or more. At the moment, our Smart Rate is 0% p.a. fixed interest for six months.

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Rates and fees

Still need convincing? Check out the competitive ASB Visa Light rates and fees.

Rates and fees

Get a Smart Rate on your big purchases

  • What is Smart Rate and how does it work?

    Our current Smart Rate is 0% p.a. fixed for six months on a single purchase of $1,000 or more. Check our rates and fees for standard purchase interest rate to see the benefit.
    When you make a purchase of $1,000 or more, Smart Rate gets applied automatically – you don’t have to do anything to receive the offer.

    After the offer period has ended (currently six months after purchase date), the standard Visa Light purchase interest rate is applied to any remaining Smart Rate balance.

    Although Smart Rate is a feature of ASB Visa Light – the fixed interest rate, period of time and the purchase amount can be updated at any time. Keep an eye on what our current Smart Rate is.

    Smart Rate can only be applied to a single purchase and excludes transaction types like cash advances and transactions equivalent to a cash advance - such as buying foreign cash, traveller's cheques or casino chips. More information can be found in your credit card conditions of use.

  • What is the main benefit of a Smart Rate purchase?

    Smart Rate is the lowest purchase interest rate on a Visa Light. It's a special purchase interest rate that automatically gets applied to any purchase of $1,000 or more. There is nothing else you need to do to qualify and it means you could save money on interest – ideal for unexpected purchases.

  • How do I keep track of my Smart Rate purchases?

    Check Smart Rate purchases on your monthly credit card statement. Smart Rate purchases will display a start date, interest rate, end date, purchase amount and the amount left to pay - for each individual Smart Rate purchase.

    Note: You can view details in Document Centre in FastNet Classic internet banking or on your paper statement. It is not available anywhere else in FastNet Classic or ASB Mobile.

    See an example of a Smart Rate purchase appearing on a statement.

    Remember to pay at least your minimum balance due each month, as you normally would. Find out more on how your payments are allocated to your credit card account.

  • How do I pay off my Smart Rate purchase?

    To pay off a Smart Rate purchase before the six month ends, you'll need to pay the entire outstanding balance on the card, including any transactions made since your last statement.

    If the Smart Rate purchase is the only transaction on your credit card, then any payments you make to your credit card will help to pay off your Smart Rate purchase. Find out how payments are allocated to your credit card.

  • How is interest calculated on a Smart Rate purchase?

    The current Smart Rate purchase offer of 0% p.a. fixed interest for six months on purchases of $1,000 or more means there is no interest applied to that purchase for the first six months. If the Smart Rate purchase is not repaid in full prior to the end of the six months, any amount owing will be charged interest at the standard purchase interest rate.

    Find out how payments are allocated to your credit card

  • My Smart Rate purchase is paid off - why is it still appearing on my credit card statement?

    It will continue to show on your statement until the set period ends. Refer to 'Rate Applicable Until' date

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Get 0% p.a. fixed interest for 6 months on your transferred balance

Why pay higher interest elsewhere?

If you have another bank’s credit card or selected store card with an outstanding balance, you could transfer this to an ASB credit card for 0% p.a. fixed interest for 6 months.

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Offer can be withdrawn at any time. After the six months, the standard purchase interest rate for your card type will apply to any remaining balance transfer amount. Lending criteria, fees and terms apply. Find standard rates here.

Rates and fees

Purchase interest rate

Cash advance interest rate

Smart Rate purchases*

(Fixed interest for 6 months on any purchase $1,000 or more)

Balance transfer interest rate

(Fixed for 6 months)

Individual account fee

(Every 6 months)

Joint account fee (per person)

(Every 6 months)

Additional card fee (per card)

(Every 6 months)

  • *The details of the above Smart Rate purchase offer (e.g. 0% p.a., $1,000 purchase amount and the 6 month set period) are subject to change. After 6 months, the standard purchase interest rate will apply.
  • Interest rates are subject to change. The cash advance interest rate will be charged on cash advances and dishonoured payments.
  • The balance transfer interest rate will be charged on the balance transferred for 6 months from the date of the transfer. Any outstanding balance at the end of this period will be charged at the applicable standard purchase rate. Terms apply.
  • Please refer to the Credit Card rates and fees for other applicable fees. Fees subject to change.
  • You must make a minimum payment by the due date every month as shown on your monthly statement. A late payment fee of $5.00 will apply if you do not make the minimum payment due.

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The standard purchase interest rate applies to Smart Rate purchases after the specified promotional period. Smart Rate purchase offers apply to purchases of goods and services only and are subject to change. All rates are subject to change. ASB's lending criteria, terms and Credit Card Conditions of Use apply.

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* Please see ASB Apple Pay terms.

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