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ASB PayTag is a Visa payWave sticker that attaches to your mobile phone, turning your phone into a contactless Visa credit or debit card, it’s really convenient.

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Benefits at a glance

  • You can use ASB PayTag with any mobile phone, regardless of make, model, age or operating system
  • It’s fast and convenient – make purchases on the run anywhere contactless payments are accepted
  • Thousands of retailers accept ASB PayTag – just look out for the Visa payWave symbol, or ask in store
  • Take control of your ASB PayTag wherever you are through your ASB Mobile app or ASB FastNet Classic internet banking

Is it right for me?

PayTag is right for you if you like the convenience of having your card wherever your mobile phone is, without having to think about it. So whenever you’re somewhere that takes contactless payment, if you’ve got your phone, you have a method of payment.

Key features of PayTag

  • For payments under $80, simply hold your ASB PayTag over the terminal. For payments over $80 still wave your PayTag over the terminal and simply enter your PIN when prompted.
  • Switch PayTag on and off via the ASB Mobile Banking app or FastNet Classic internet banking.
  • Change the account you want to use with ASB Debit PayTag.
  • ASB PayTag comes with advanced functionality, giving you more control and convenience.

How ASB PayTag works

Lets you make payments with your phone

ASB PayTag works with any mobile phone regardless of make, model, age or operating system. It attaches to your phone so you can make purchases without your Visa card wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Simply hold your mobile phone over a contactless payment terminal to make a purchase (you’ll need to enter a PIN for purchases over $80).

You control your cards through the ASB Mobile app

Control your cards and PayTag anywhere, anytime using the ASB Mobile app – turn PayTag on and off, set a spending limit on your cards and update your PIN for instance. If you’ve got an ASB Visa Debit PayTag you can also switch between your accounts when it suits, using ASB Mobile or FastNet Classic internet banking.

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01. Check

To use ASB PayTag you’ll need to be an ASB customer with an ASB credit card or ASB Visa Debit card. You’ll also need to be signed up to ASB FastNet Classic internet banking.

02. Order

Log in to ASB FastNet Classic and select ‘Credit cards’ under ‘Open and Apply’ in the left-hand menu. Click on ASB PayTag, then in the drop-down box, choose the card you’d like to link to PayTag. Then hit ‘Finish’. We’ll send your ASB PayTag to you in the mail.

03. Set up

Once you’ve got your ASB PayTag you’ll need to set up your PIN. You can do this in FastNet Classic or in the ASB Mobile app. You can also see how to set up ASB PayTag in YouTube.

04. Shop

When shopping in store, simply hold your phone over a contactless payment terminal (look out for the Visa payWave symbol), wait for confirmation, then you’re good to go.

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