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We have support options to help.

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If you have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis and require financial support, please contact us on 0800 272 735.

Support options at a glance

We're here to support your financial wellbeing. Here's a quick overview of how we can help take some pressure off your finances.

Financial relief

Reduce your loan repayments to relieve financial pressure

  • Interest-only repayments
  • Defer loan repayments
  • Help for customers in financial difficulty

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Other ways we can help

  • Help for our regular branch visitors and senior customers
  • Insurance support
  • Understanding your financial wellbeing

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Update or end my support

Support options are designed to provide short-term relief from the cost of repayments as they will likely increase the overall cost of your loan in the long term. A mortgage repayment deferral will increase your loan balance, which means you will pay more interest overall (as you are not paying any principal or interest during the deferral period). After the loan repayment deferral ends, your repayments will likely be higher unless the loan term is extended. If you are only paying the interest portion of your repayments you will likely end up paying more in interest over the life of the loan as you will not be paying off the principal loan amount during this time. After the interest-only period ends, your repayments are likely to be higher unless the loan term is extended.

If your circumstances have improved and you are able to return to making full repayments, you can contact us on 0800 100 600 to end your support early. This does not disqualify you from any support you may need in the future.

If your circumstances have become more challenging and you need additional or alternative support, please contact us on 0800 100 600 and one of our team will be able to assist you.

Financial relief

Switch to interest-only repayments

If you need mortgage relief, you could apply to switch to interest-only repayments (instead of paying back the principal and interest on your home loan) for a period of time.

Interest-only repayment options can help reduce your home loan repayments in the short term. Whilst interest is still paid, the loan balance will not decrease and interest will continue to be calculated on the principal owning, meaning you will pay more interest overall. Afterwards your repayments will likely be higher unless the loan term is extended.

Support for financial difficulty

If you are concerned about meeting your financial commitments and aren’t sure what your next steps are, we’re here to help. Our team are dedicated to helping you get back on top by understanding your situation and helping you to meet your financial commitments in a way that you can afford. If you are concerned at all by your current finances, please call 0800 272 735.

ASB's lending criteria and terms apply.

Other ways we can help

Making banking accessible for everyone

Banking face-to-face was a challenge during lockdown. Many customers who rely on us needed to stay safe at home because of their age or health risk. We want everyone to be able to keep up with their payments and cash needs, so we’ve made things easier. Find out more about our dedicated phone numbers, simple ways to get online, and ways for friends and family to help.

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Check your financial wellbeing

Use our handy online tool to get an overview of your current financial wellbeing.

The series of ten simple questions gives you a score that provides an overview of how well you feel you’re doing financially. It provides tips and tools to help you manage your everyday expenses better, understand how to deal with unexpected rainy day emergencies and what you could do to set yourself up for the future.

And our simple guides help you plan for your every day, rainy day and one day goals.

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