The tennis ball that plants a tree

Introducing the ASB Sustainaball. A biodegradable tennis ball with a native seed inside. Coming soon to a backyard near you.

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What is Sustainaball?

The tennis ball is an essential in every Kiwi home. But, it's also a bonafide escape artist. We lose heaps of them, which can't be that great for the environment.

The making of the Sustainaball.

Sustainable Tennis balls are usually made to last longer than regular balls. But, because whacking a ball as hard as you can in a game of backyard cricket increases your chances of losing it, we wanted to create ball that lasts less time than a regular one - not more.

Prototyping the Sustainaball came with difficulties - like not being able to find a tennis ball manufacturer in New Zealand. This is why the first few Sustainaballs were made in England - the home of tennis.  We knew this would have an impact so we have purchased carbon credits to offset it, just like we have done to cover the travel of all players coming to play in the 2020 ASB Classic. Moving forward we'll continue to do what we can to make the process 100% sustainable. 

95% natural rubber core.

The bouncy core is made with latex harvested from the rubber tree. The rubber is mixed with minerals and other compounds to perfect the weight and bounce of the finished balls.

100% natural wool outer.

The felt on regular tennis balls are made with a mixture of wool and synthetic materials, such as nylon. The felt on the Sustainaball is 100% wool - zero plastic!

Native seeds.

The Sustainaball contains a selection of native New Zealand seeds, including Kowhai, Mahoe, Pigonwood and Pohutakawa, which are applied to the ball with a water-soluble sticker. So, if you lose (which we don't want you to do), you'll be planting a tree - and a home for native birds such as tui, hihi and korimako.

The Event of Summer:

Some of the biggest names in tennis are hitting the court at the 2020 ASB Classic, including Serena Williams! Don't miss the event of the summer - from 6th to 18th of January.

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