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Shaping the future of New Zealand

The Strategic Insights Panel was launched in September 2016 to draw together select members of New Zealand's business community to actively contribute to shaping the future of New Zealand through innovation.

We are a group of business, education and technology leaders focused on creating an environment for Kiwi businesses to prosper so that all Kiwis can realise their potential. 

The world is changing. And faster than ever before. This is reshaping the way New Zealanders learn, work and live.

This presents an opportunity for us to reclaim our status as a unified, innovative, socially and environmentally progressive country that punches above its weight.

As a country of 4.6 million people, we all have a role to play. As the Strategic Insights Panel and as members of the private sector, we believe that we can do more as a business community to ignite change so that all Kiwis can realise their potential.

Our goal

We are committed to New Zealand. Our goal is to create the best possible opportunities for the social and economic prosperity of New Zealand.

To deliver on our vision, our key focus is on enabling business to increase New Zealand's productivity. Increasing productivity will lift the standard of living for every new generation of New Zealander and as such, create a better future for all New Zealanders.

Work streams

We are currently focussed on three work streams that we believe will help us meet our goal.

1. Office of the Chief Technology Office

Establish a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)  for New Zealand, enabling us to take advantage of rapid technological change and grow our place in the world economy. The CTO will help develop and increase the visibility of New Zealand’s brand as a technically sophisticated country with a role to play in the global economy; an attractive country to invest in, and a connected place where talent wants to live.

2. Educate for the future

Create a movement to raise public awareness of the different opportunities available to young New Zealanders outside the traditional tertiary education framework. The purpose of this is two-fold, to help equip young New Zealanders for the future of work, and, to help kiwi businesses fill the current skills gap for technology-based roles.

This movement has been developed under the NZTalent brand and was kicked off with the Open Letter to New Zealand in 2017. The letter was a declaration from over 210 businesses that across a range of skills based roles, they would consider all applicants regardless of qualification. This started a national conversation around the various possible pathways to success in the workforce. 

Under the NZTalent banner, the Panel are about to launch phase 2, #CareersAdvice. This is a new website hosting a free suite of video content from the Open Letter signatories. In these videos, individuals from signatory businesses provide tips and helpful advice to young New Zealanders making decisions regarding their skills development. It is hoped that this insight will be used to help inform young kiwi's decisions on pathways taken following high school.

3. Enhanced collaborative ecosystem

Currently working to support innovation in the New Zealand economy by better connecting networks to allow knowledge, ideas and capital to flow more frequently, helping to accelerate New Zealand businesses to grow.


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    "One hundred inspired New Zealanders can turn this country around"

    - Sir Paul Callaghan

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