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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I save my details?

Saving your details will allow you to easily collect multiple payments to your saved bank account number, without entering a payment code each time.

This will streamline the process of receiving future payments.

Can I save more than one profile?

Only one collections profile can be saved per mobile number.

Why do I have to use Facebook to log in?

We are making it easy for you by using a common standard authentication provider, so you don’t have to remember a separate password for this site.

We don’t store any of your Facebook information; we only use it to authenticate you. You have control over what Facebook information you share with any third party.

I am getting an error when I try to log in to collect my payments – what’s wrong?

There may be an active session of Facebook already on your computer which is not associated to your mobile number. Open the Facebook website and log off, then try logging in to collect your payment again.

What happens if I forget my Facebook password?

You will need to use the “Forgot your password?” feature in Facebook to re-set your login, then you will be able to log in again.

What if I close my Facebook account?

You will be unable to log in to collect payments if you no longer have a Facebook account. Before you close your Facebook account you should delete your profile. If you have already closed your Facebook account then please contact us to arrange for the details to be deleted.

Why do you need my name?

Your name is stored for information purposes, and will only be used for communication to you from ASB. Please refer to ASB’s Privacy policy for more information.

How do I change the account I collect to?

In order to change your details you will need to delete your profile and then re-create it. Future enhancements will include being able to modify your profile.

What happens if I change my phone number?

If you change your phone number you will need to delete your profile and re-create it with your new number.

Using the payment code you received, you can collect your payment in a couple of easy steps.

Enter payment details

To collect your payment, enter the payment details you received and your bank account number.

All fields are required.