Marketplace insights

Marketplace Insights

As a small nation operating in a global marketplace, many local exporters have been affected by changing international market conditions and severe Covid-19 restrictions. In this video series, ASB international trade consultant Paul Gestro helps SMEs get to grips with some of the issues and grasp some of the opportunities.

Marketplace Insights
<h3>Market Developments</h3> <p>Covid-19 has dramatically impacted consumer demand and disrupted supply chains. Many New Zealand exporters are in a good place as high-quality food and beverage is still sought after, but, as ASB international trade consultant Paul Gestro says, many businesses will need to adjust their products to fit new markets, create new service partnerships and strengthen their supply chains.</p>
<h3>&nbsp;</h3> <h3>Trade Finance</h3> <p>SMEs often lack the resources to finance trade deals, and the pandemic has made that even more difficult. ASB international trade consultant Paul Gestro explains why payment terms have become more restrictive for importers and exporters recently, why SMEs struggle to access trade financing and how new initiatives like a consolidated trading model and paperless trading offer hope of improvements.</p>
<h3>&nbsp;</h3> <h3>Digital trade</h3> <p>Trading goods and services is one of the world’s oldest professions but the processes are often still painfully manual. Fortunately, things are starting to change, with moves towards a consistent operating model, investment into platforms that use distributed ledger technology and more global collaboration all helping to speed up international trade flow and save everyone time and money.</p>
<h3>&nbsp;</h3> <h3>Business Growth</h3> <p>Not too long ago, local businesses were asking how they could survive, but now they’re asking how they can grow. ASB international trade consultant Paul Gestro outlines the steps businesses need to take before they put their foot on the accelerator, and why he’s confident the adjustments businesses have made will ultimately lead to stronger, agile and more digitally-enabled Kiwi exporters.</p>
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