Backing Business with Soda

We've partnered with Soda to bring you stories of perseverance and success from Kiwi start-ups across the country.

Backing Business with Soda

Video case studies

<h2>Alivate Activewear</h2> <p>Alice Barrett is the founder of Alivate Activewear, a New Zealand made activewear start-up that uses recycled and regenerated materials. Armed with an idea and a can-do attitude, the 24-year-old needed some further information and guidance. We had a chat to Alice on what has helped her exciting and sometimes daunting entrepreneurial journey.<br> </p>
<h2></h2> <p>Donnamaree Ryder is the founder of, a voice-activated reporting assistant which integrates with Xero. With years of business experience up her sleeve, Donnamaree managed to get pretty far with her innovative idea but needed some extra help to launch her product globally. Let’s find out what she needed to succeed.</p>


<p>Soda's C.E. Erin Wansbrough speaks with Alan Garvin, founder of Multiple Supplements. The pair speak upon Alan's journey with his disease, and how it helped him blossom as an entrepreneur to create a business to help support other people who are living with multiple sclerosis, through providing quality, proven supplements. Alan was diagnosed with MS at the age of 34, in April 2000, and through his journey he started his company '' which helps support others who are living with multiple sclerosis. He put together a range of dietary supplements that he hopes will make living with MS a little easier and help sustain health. Learn more about Alan and where his journey following his diagnosis has taken him in this episode.</p>
<p>In the second episode, Soda C.E. Erin Wansbrough speaks to Dunedin entrepreneur's Aleks Dahlberg and Doug McDonald about their journey that led them to where they are today. The South Island based founder's talk about their creation, their own personal journey's with life and mental health, as well as the mission/purpose of the app and how it is operated. Sahha is a mental health app which protects and preserves your mental well-being, using your phone to monitor your mental health status and alerts you when you are at risk of developing depression.</p>


Chive charities - Doing good with business

<p>Alice Marshall and Stephen Johnson, the founders of Chive Charities, are on a mission to make giving easy, empowering, and effective.</p> <p>Read the blog to follow along Chive’s business journey, read their success stories and key learnings.</p>
Chive charities - Doing good with business