ASB & REX Rural Insights Series

ASB & REX Rural Insights Series

ASB & REX Rural Insights Series
<p><b>Sustainability, whether that’s business, environmental or financial, is front of mind for rural New Zealanders. We’ve teamed up with Rural Exchange (REX) and industry experts, to bring you the ASB Rural Insights series to provide practical insights and tips, and help you build a more sustainable rural business. Whatever your sector or scale, hearing from experts who know their stuff is a great way to get thinking about what you could do in your business.</b></p>
Rural Insight series from Rural Exchange (REX) and industry experts

Business sustainability

ASB Rural GM Ben Speedy spoke to REX Today’s Dominic George, sharing his insights into farm business sustainability, including how to mitigate rising costs, how to recruit and retain quality staff, and how to develop a good culture within the business.

Environmental Sustainability

Listen as Ben Speedy and Dominic George discuss how farmers are dealing with climate change and environmental sustainability.

Financial Sustainability

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