While it’s crucial to have your own website, it often makes sense be selling in the same place as your competitors. Just as a farmer’s market brings more potential customers to individual stalls, so too do online marketplaces.

Online marketplaces
    <p><b>Online marketplaces<br> </b>Amazon, eBay, UberEats and TradeMe are all very well-known, but now social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are developing their own marketplaces and there a host of other smaller, local options that curate products and services. With so many different online marketplaces to choose from, how do you know which ones will work for you?</p> <p><b>Picking the right marketplace<br> </b>Think about the types of products or services you’re offering, your target audience and where they go to shop online, as well as your price points. Consider how much each marketplace takes from you as a commission and whether it stacks up.</p> <p><b>Include relevant information<br> </b>Make sure your listing includes any information that potential customers need to know. Include compelling visuals, information about the product itself (e.g. dimensions, weight etc.), your brand, costs and any shipping information.</p> <p><b>Key words<br> </b>Make sure your title and description include relevant keywords so that your listing appears in as many searches as possible. Try to identify what customers are searching for and if there’s a chance to adapt your offering to suit.</p> <p><b>Customer reviews<br> </b>Interact with customers who contact you and encourage them to rate and review your product if they’ve had a great experience. High ratings give your brand credibility and help build trust when a new customer sees your listing.</p> <p><b>Boost<br> </b>Look into the ways marketplaces offer advertising to boost the ranking of your services or products in search results.<br> <br> Need help improving your use of digital technology and how you engage with customers online? Try the <a href="/content/asb/businesshub/en/businesshub/services/digitaljourney.html">digital assessment tool</a>, powered by Digital Journey.</p>