Digital and video ads are great ways to get mass brand awareness with a controlled amount of investment. They’re also useful when targeting specific audiences to drive more people through your sales funnel.

Digital and video ads 101
    <p>Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and LinkedIn, or local sites like TradeMe, MetService and news websites offer the businesses the opportunity to run display ads in a variety of sizes and formats.</p> <p>Animated banner ads work well for getting simple brand messages across. Video content, while more difficult to produce, is a great way to tell a story. Video ads can run as pre-rolls before other content on YouTube or as silent pop-ups on websites. They can also be posted directly to your social media channels.</p> <p>Like paid search, digital display networks can target users that are searching for specific information or are in a certain location. Display is also a good way to explore the benefits of remarketing, which lets advertisers target people who have already visited their website or clicked on an ad but not purchased anything. If the goal is to increase brand awareness, display ads are also a good way to reach a broader audience. Whatever your goal, it’s important to learn how to measure success so your digital marketing can be most effective.</p> <p><b>TIP</b></p> <p>If you’ve succeeded with paid search and want to keep growing, display and video advertising are good ways to help push your message further out to the market.</p> <p>Need help improving your use of digital technology and how you engage with customers online? Try the <a href="/content/asb/businesshub/en/businesshub/services/digitaljourney.html">digital assessment tool</a>, powered by Digital Journey.</p>