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Remove the noise and complexity from your business data. Vonto gives you a curated daily feed of useful information about your business that you can act on.

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A quick look at how Vonto works

Vonto connects with these tools

Benefits at a glance

  • Absolutely free to use.

  • Combine data from the tools you already use.

  • Better understand your business and take action with confidence.

  • Each morning Vonto crunches your numbers and provides up to 10 personalized insights for the day.

  • Designed and built for advisors as well as business owners.

How Bowl & Arrow uses Vonto to get ahead

Hospitality was brought to its knees during level four lockdown as revenue dried up and costs continued to roll in. For Leisha Rae and Hannah Reid, the co-owners of Bowl & Arrow, it meant they had to close two stores and delay the opening of a third. But when the going gets tough, the tough go digital. In this video they explain how they responded to the restrictions, how tools like Vonto helped them to get through and plan ahead, and why they see the reset as an opportunity to improve the way they do business.

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Get started in three steps

1. Get started with Vonto

You can get started with Vonto via the app or online at vonto.com it'll take less than 5 minutes to get set-up!

2. Connect Xero and other online business tools

Connect your business tools like Xero, Google Analytics, Facebook and Shopify to Vonto during the sign-up process to get great insights. The more you connect, the richer the insights from Vonto!

3. Start it up and see your insights

Open Vonto in your app or refresh your browser and shortly after, Vonto will start to generate insights unique to your business.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Vonto free to use?

    Yes, Vonto is free and comes with zero ads. It does rely on your other cloud apps, like Xero, which may have their own costs - but Vonto is free to use.

  • I am not an ASB customer, can I still use Vonto?

    Yes. Vonto is available to everyone, no matter who you bank with.

  • Is my business information safe?

    Vonto works with ASB to ensure the app is provided securely, and is security tested to bank standard.