Money tips to make your everyday easier

30 October 2020 / Published in Your Money

Here are some simple ways to be smarter with money.

1. Swap out name brands for generic ones at the supermarket. Also keep an eye on the bottom shelf of the aisle where less expensive products may be hiding.

2. Is your car boot filled with unnecessary…stuff? Empty it out! A lighter car can improve your petrol mileage and help you save money. "

3. Nickname your bank accounts to make them relate to your spending and saving habits. For example "Ben & Amy's roadie" "Emergency stash" "New car goals"

4. Mute or unfollow social media influencers if you are tooooooo easily tempted to buy products featured in their posts.

5. Put aside your lunch first, before dishing out dinner. That way you'll always have enough the next day instead of crossing your fingers for leftovers.

6. Demystifying $$$. Debt consolidation is simply merging a few of your debts into one easy to manage loan. ✅ Reorganising your finances. Done.

Whether you’re a saver or a spender, have big lofty goals or tiny little ones, our range of everyday banking tools will help you get one step ahead.

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