Helping Joseph progress his dream to be a shoe designer

05 December 2018 / Published in Your Money

10 year old Joseph isn't your typical school kid. While other children might be highly focused on wrangling more screen time out of their parents, Joseph is more likely to be sketching stiletto designs or working on his business plan to one day be a shoe designer. Seriously impressive, right? After hearing about Joseph’s ambition to design his own line of shoes, we featured the West Auckland tween in a recent campaign helping kids progress their dreams. 

To help him take the next step towards his goal, we introduced Joseph to Rebecca Anderson, creative director and owner of Tauranga’s Chaos & Harmony, a successful New Zealand shoe brand that is expanding internationally.

“I was scared at first,” Joseph told us after he had chatted to Rebecca for a while, but he soon loosened up once they started talking about shoe designs. “It was really fun.”

Rebecca chatted with Joseph about some of the challenges when designing shoes for the modern woman – fit, form and function - and shared her career journey to where she is now. Her top tip for Joseph was to really focus on continually sketching and drawing his shoe designs and concepts. Just getting ideas out of your head and onto paper is an important part of the creative process and an excellent discipline to get into. As a mother of two young kids herself, Rebecca believes it is important to believe in children. “Joseph has got an idea. He is inspired - and that needs to be nourished,’ she said afterwards.

Joseph, we hope you enjoyed the session with Rebecca and we will be looking forward to seeing your dream progress in the future!


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