Cancel & replace your Visa card on the spot

27 April 2016 / Published in Tech & Innovation

Need to order a replacement Visa card but been too busy to call us or pop into a branch that day?

Well we’ve now made things easier for you. You can now just go online to cancel and order a replacement one on the spot when it is convenient for you.

This month marks one year since we launched our award-winning Card Control functionality in the ASB Mobile app so it’s the perfect time to add this new feature.

Since its introduction, Card Control has been used by more than 90,000 of you and has saved more than $800,000 in possible fraudulent transactions (based on transactions that were declined after a lock being set and then the card being cancelled).

We recently launched the handy Cancel & Replace feature in FastNet Classic, and this week we’ve brought it to ASB Mobile. It’s available in the iOS, Android and Windows apps.

If you think you’ve lost or had your card stolen, or your card is damaged, we recommend going to Card Control in the ASB Mobile app straight away and temporarily locking it. If you confirm it’s really gone, then head back into Card Control or log in to FastNet Classic to cancel it and order a replacement.

How to use Cancel & Replace

In FastNet Classic you can cancel and replace your card straight away by clicking on Open and Apply from the left hand menu and selecting Card and PayTag Replacement then follow the prompts.

In the ASB Mobile app click the top left hand hamburger menu, then go to Cards, select the relevant card, scroll to the bottom under Temporarily Lock Card, and you will find Cancel and replace card. Click on Cancel and replace card and then complete the form. If you’re using the iOS app and have logged in with Touch ID, you’ll need to enter your password or PIN to access the Cards section.

Once you have ordered your new card, you will receive a confirmation My Message in FastNet Classic, and you should receive your card within 5 working days. 


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