Managing your finances as a student

29 January 2016 / Published in Your Money

Being a tertiary student is an exciting time. But between picking your classes, sorting your student loan and finding a flat, it can be hard to find time to give your personal finances a bit of thought.

So to make it easy, here are our tips for managing your finances as a student:

  • Budget, budget, budget. It’s a good way to keep track of your earnings, your important expenses and what you’ve got left for spending. As a student, your income can sometimes fluctuate throughout the year; during the semester you might not earn as much as you do during the summer. A budget allows you to make sure your summer income lasts the year. To learn more about budgeting, read this post.
  • Start your savings plan. Even though you’re on a tight budget, it’s important to put some money away when you’re working to help you throughout the year. To make savings really effective, it’s a good idea to have goals. Think of some things you want to do with your money, while also planning to keep some for unexpected costs and long-term goals.
  • Sort your flat’s finances. If you’re going flatting, it’s important you think about your flat’s finances. Doing this as early on as possible really helps. There are bills, flat accounts and expenses that need to be sorted. Read our tips for setting up a flat.
  • Become bank-lingual. Learning banking terms and how finances work can be scary which is why talking to your parent or trusted friend about money is important. Check out our money tip videos to make things a little simpler.
  • Review your banking package. Finding the right banking package for you can really help with everyday money management. We know finances are tight as a student so we’ve got a student package to make things easier for you.

With an ASB student package you receive:

  • A Tertiary bank account with no base or transaction fees.
  • The option to apply for an interest-free overdraft of up to $2,500 for the length of your Tertiary account.
  • The option to apply for a Visa credit card with no account fee for the first year
  • A free Tertiary Visa Debit card with no card fees for the life of the Tertiary account.
  • Free fries any time you use your ASB Tertiary Visa Debit card to buy something at McDonald's®
  • The option to apply for a personal loan at a special rate.

Is the ASB student package right for you?

Our student package is specifically designed for students and apprentices.

You can apply for a Tertiary account if you’re studying at an NZQA Tertiary institution or if you're an apprentice at an institution like BCITO. The Tertiary account and its benefits can last for the length of your study or apprenticeship.

Click here to learn more about the account and see if the student package is right for you.

ASB's terms and lending criteria apply. You must be 18 years or older to apply for credit. Other fees apply including a monthly overdraft facility fee of 0.12% of the limit and highest daily overdraft balance, whichever is greater (minimum charge $2). After one year the standard credit card account fee will apply. Please refer to our fees page. Free small fries with any purchase at McDonald's. Limit one small fries per person per day. Available after 10:30am. Offer subject to change. For credit products you must be a New Zealand resident or citizen and for your overdraft, your income must be credited to the ASB Tertiary account.


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