ASB Mobile Facebook Friend payments are being discontinued

16 March 2015 / Published in Tech & Innovation

Due to some technical changes being made by Facebook we will be discontinuing ASB Mobile Facebook Friend payments this month. Rest assured, you can still use the popular alternative ASB Mobile payment methods of paying to an email address or mobile number.

From 18 March 2015 the option to send Facebook Friend payments will be removed from our ASB Mobile app. All payments made until this date will still have 14 days to be collected; collections will be disabled from 2 April 2015. 

Watch the video below to see how you can pay to email addresses and mobile numbers with our ASB Mobile app. Best of all, if you pay to the mobile number of a registered ASB Mobile user, the payment will go straight into their account. They’ll also receive a real-time push notification on their smartphone when they receive your payment.

How to pay to email & mobile with the ASB Mobile Banking app
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