Top-up your ASB home loan and bring your dreams to life

06 August 2013 / Published in Your Money

Big plans, like redoing the kitchen, renovating the bathroom or both, often come with a big budget. That’s where your ASB home loan can come in handy. As you repay your loan, you can apply to borrow more for any purpose, still secured by your house, and still at ASB’s competitive home loan interest rates.

We’re making it easy for you to work out how much a change in your home loan amount will affect your home loan payments. Try our handy home loan top-up calculator to help plan your budget.

ASB even makes it easier to pay off your home loan faster, by letting you transfer money directly from your bank account onto your variable home loan through our award-winning online banking service FastNet Classic. Even small additional payments can make a big impact on loans over time and help you be even more successful with your money.

And now there’s another way that ASB can help make your renovation plans a reality. With our new Renovation Budget Planner, we’ll help you budget your project from start to finish.

It’s a simple, intuitive tool that helps ensure the top-up on your loan is put to the best use. So whether you’re planning a home makeover, a well-earned post-renovation vacation or even looking to buy a new car, talk to us today about applying for a top-up.

To see how easy the Renovation Budget Planner is, visit asb.co.nz/renovate to register and have a play.


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