TXT banking

Benefits at a glance

  • Uses simple TXT messages.
  • Get real-time balances for any of your ASB accounts, credit cards or True Reward Dollars.
  • Transfer money between your ASB accounts.
  • It's free to use (ASB base and transaction fees may apply).

How to register

You can register online, simply:

  • Login to FastNet Classic,
  • Select the 'Mobile Banking' menu,
  • Select 'TXT banking' and follow the steps on screen.

You can also register at any ASB branch or by calling 0800 MOB BANK (0800 662 226).

When you register, you can choose up to three of your accounts to access through TXT banking. Each of these accounts is then given a FastCode, which you use as the account name when TXT banking. You must be Netcode registered to complete registration on FastNet Classic.

You can change your selection at any time through FastNet Classic.

How it works

Uppercase or lowercase letters don't matter in TXT banking, so "Bal", BAL" and "bal" are all considered to be the same.

Need a balance update?

  • For all three balances at once TXT: Bal to 4ASB (4272)
  • For one account balance, use the account's FastCode. For example, if this was 100, you'd TXT: Bal (space) 100 to 4ASB (4272).

Need to transfer money between your accounts?

To transfer funds from one account to another TXT the amount and which accounts to transfer to and from, to 4ASB (4272).

For example, to transfer $50.00 from account 100 to account 101, you’d TXT:

Trf (space) $50 (space) f100 (space) t101 to 4ASB (4272).

  • “f100” is the account the transfer is coming from.
  • “t101” is the account the transfer is going to.

Note: You cannot transfer True Reward Dollars to another account or credit card nor make transfers to your True Reward Dollars balance via TXT banking.

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ASB’s terms apply. Fees subject to change. Your normal mobile phone network provider TXT message fee also applies and will be charged to your mobile phone account or direct debited from your prepay account balance. Free TXT deals offered by your mobile phone network provider do not apply to ASB's TXT Banking service.

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