FastNet Classic design update

We've made some changes to the look and feel of FastNet Classic internet banking. You'll see a new and improved look, easier navigation to your day to day tasks and some new features.

FastNet Classic is now even better

We've been working away at a refreshed version of FastNet Classic internet banking and are excited to share it with you. We've introduced a refreshed look and feel, easier navigation to your day-to-day tasks and some new features to help you on your banking journey. 

What's changed?

Welcome to the home page of FastNet Classic. This is where you will start your internet banking journey. 

The accounts view and dashboard are an easy way to see an overview of your products and services with us. Discover detailed information by clicking on the account you'd like to view. If you have a Home Loan, Investments (including the ASB KiwiSaver Scheme) or Insurance, you can manage and explore these via the dashboard.

Your everyday tasks like transferring money or making payments are easily accessible from the top of the accounts page, A.

The new main menu:

You'll find the Menu in the top left-hand corner of your screen. Click here to navigate through the features of FastNet Classic internet banking.

On the right-hand side, you'll find access to documents, notifications, help content as well as a direct link to our How-to Hub which has step-by-step guides to help you through banking online. 

To find out more, we've put together a handy guide on the changes in FastNet Classic.

Introduction to FastNet Classic Internet banking

To find out more, we've put together a handy guide on the changes in FastNet Classic.

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Common questions

What are the changes?

We've updated the look and feel of FastNet classic, as well as some of the navigation. We've made it easier to find your everyday tasks and making some improvements to our payments and 'open and apply' sections whilst also introducing the dashboard view.

Why have we made the changes?

We love FastNet Classic and we noticed that it needed some love! We've brought the look and feel of FastNet Classic in line with our website and other communications you receive from us, so you can have a streamlined experience. We also wanted to make FastNet Classic usable on each and every device - including mobile browsers and desktop!

Why is the design so yellow?

We've brought a splash of yellow to your new online banking to brighten up the place. Yellow is at the heart of our brand - it's a colour many of our customers associate with the optimism and warmth they expect from ASB. If you are sensitive to colour and planning on using the site for an extended period of time, we recommend wearing sunglasses or blue light glasses.

Why can't I see all my accounts?

Use "View all/View less" at the bottom of your accounts page to expand your accounts.

Where can I see my account numbers?

In "List view" you can see your account numbers with smaller images. Go to 'Organise' above your accounts, click on "Switch account view", select "List view" and save.

How can I tell which accounts I share with others?

The icon labelled "Shared" on your account page will indicate which accounts you share with others.

Where can I rename my accounts and organise them the way I want?

A new feature is now available for you to personalise and organise your accounts in FastNet Classic, click on 'Organise' in the accounts page to be able to:

  • Switch account view
  • Reorder accounts
  • Personalise account

Can I use my keyboard to navigate across FastNet Classic?

Yes, you can. The new FastNet Classic is available to be used via your keyboard. We also recommend the 'List view' in ‘Organise' to have a better experience with a keyboard navigation. In the accounts page, click on 'Organise, then click on 'Switch account view', select 'List view' and save.

Have feedback?

We'd love to hear any feedback you have on this new experience.

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We're here to help

If you have any further questions or concerns about the changes in FastNet Classic, our team is here to help.