Making the most of your kid's Clever Kash

Clever Kash has helped thousands of kids learn to save. If your kids have a Clever Kash, read on to find out more about how to use it and what you can do with it.

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Embark on the GetWise Mission with ASB

When you open a Headstart account with ASB, your children can embark on the GetWise Mission - an interactive spy themed mission kids can access at home.

Eight spy-themed assignments will help your kids develop their money-smart skills online.

A Headstart Starter Pack is available for your child when you open a Headstart account with ASB. Each pack contains learning activities, a pencil case and coloured pencils.

Helping your kids learn to save

We're committed to helping all New Zealanders be better with money, and it starts with kids. That's why we introduced Clever Kash to New Zealand families, and why we started ASB GetWise. It's now the biggest financial literacy program in schools. You can access some of its resources free right here.

For more resources, check out all the GetWise resources for different age groups.

Chore Chart

Make chores fun with this fridge-ready chore chart

How to use your Clever Kash

If you already have a Clever Kash, or if you need help making the most of him, here are some simple guides.

Ordering a new Clever Kash

Clever Kash has been a hit with Kiwi kids, ever since we first introduced him back in 2015. However for the time being, he's taking a little break.

For now, if you're looking for ways to teach your kids to be better with money, have a look through our resources on this page.

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