Important information about ASB Platinum and Gold credit card travel insurance

Who and what is covered for Platinum and Gold credit card travel insurance?

Will I be covered under this policy if my company pays for my travel expenses?

You will not be covered if your employer or business pays for the trip.

Am I covered if my health has changed since I last used my credit card for travel insurance and I want to use it for my next trip?

You should contact TOWER Insurance for a medical assessment on 0800 422 280 (Gold cards) or 0800 114 117 (Platinum cards)

Will I be covered if I have a pre-existing condition?

Any pre-existing conditions, diagnosed or not, are automatically excluded from the policy. However you can contact TOWER Insurance to apply for cover of pre-existing conditions through a telephone based medical assessment process on 0800 422 280 (Gold cards) or 0800 114 117 (Platinum cards). If the condition(s) are covered and you want the Pre-Existing Condition Cover to apply, then a premium will be charged to your credit card. TOWER Insurance will confirm the outcome in writing.

Are there any age limits applying to the policy?

There is no cover for cardholders aged 80 years and over, or anyone travelling with them. If this affects you, ask us about our ASB retail Travel Insurance policy.

Will I be covered if I’ve been to a doctor about leg pain but nothing has been diagnosed?

Under the policy any medical condition or symptom you’re aware of, diagnosed or not, is considered pre-existing. You’ll need to contact TOWER Insurance on 0800 422 280 (Gold cards) or 0800 114 117 (Platinum cards) for a telephone-based medical assessment to see if they can offer cover for pre-existing conditions at an additional charge.

Are my spouse/partner and dependent children covered?

Yes - as long as they are travelling with the Gold or Platinum Cardholder and at least 50% of everyone’s return tickets have been bought using your Gold or Platinum Card (or using another method of “activation cover” outlined in your policy wording). Remember to check the definitions of Spouse and Dependent Children in your policy wording too.

Is scuba diving covered?

Scuba diving is covered if no artificial breathing apparatus is required. If artificial breathing apparatus is required, you’ll need to be a qualified instructor or hold an international diving qualification (like a PADI) to be covered.

Am I covered for skiing/snowboarding?

Skiing or snowboarding is covered provided you are skiing or snowboarding within the confines of a recognised commercial field.

How do I activate my Platinum or Gold credit card travel insurance?

To be covered, you need to activate your Gold or Platinum travel insurance. This can be done using any of the activation methods listed in the Gold policy document or Platinum policy document.

Remember to keep any receipts, emails, bank statements or other proof that you’ve activated your insurance. If you make a claim, we’ll need to see this.

What if I use my airline points scheme to pay for my return tickets?

Your travel insurance will be activated if you get your overseas return tickets using your “True Rewards” or another airline frequent flyer loyalty scheme. Remember, you will need to provide proof of using your “airline points” if you make a claim. If you don’t have enough True Rewards Dollars or frequent flyer points for the whole amount, you can use another activation method to pay at least 50% of the balance to qualify for cover.


What if my travel agent doesn’t accept credit cards?

You can pay for 50% of your return tickets with an ASB cheque or by electronic transaction from your ASB account. Or you can take a cash advance from your Gold/Platinum card account on the same day. Remember, you may incur additional interest charges through a credit card cash advance.

If you do make a claim, you’ll need your travel agent to state in writing that the Gold/Platinum card was not an acceptable form of payment or that an additional charge would be incurred to use the Gold/Platinum card. You’ll also need to provide receipts from your travel agent and a copy of the appropriate ASB account statement.

Claims for Platinum and Gold credit card travel insurance

What do I need to do to make a claim on my Credit Card policy?
TOWER Insurance can send you a claim form. Please send the following with your claim (as applicable):

  • All supporting documentation, including your credit card statement showing activation of your travel
  • Proof of purchase of the items you want to claim on
  • Police reports confirming theft of items, if applicable.
  • Medical invoices.

To contact TOWER insurance to make a claim:
New Zealand: 0800 422 280 (Gold cards) or 0800 114 117 (Platinum cards)
Overseas: call TOWER’s Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service, reverse change on +64 9 359 1688 (Gold cards) or +64 9 359 1607 (Platinum cards).

Extension of Cover for Platinum and Gold credit card travel insurance

What if I extend my trip and need additional days of cover?

Extensions of cover will require payment of an additional premium.

If you’re a Gold cardholder, call TOWER Insurance on 0800 422 280 to apply for up to 40 days of additional cover before your departure. If you’re already overseas, call TOWER Insurance's Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service, reverse charge on +64 9 359 1688 within 40 days of your departure.

If you’re a Platinum cardholder, call TOWER Insurance on 0800 114 117 to apply for up to 120 additional days of cover before your departure. If you’re already overseas, call TOWER Insurance's Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service, reverse charge on +64 9 359 1607 within 120 days of your departure.

What is the Medical Help Line for Platinum and Gold credit card travel insurance?

What is the Medical Help Line?

The Medical Help Line is a team of qualified Doctors and nurses providing a 24-hour medical help and advice service. The Help Line is available after you’ve activated your cover and during your travel. No matter where in the world you are, you’ll have access to medical professionals and advice at any time of the day or night. Advice is complimentary.


Who can use the Medical Help Line?

You can use this service if you’re an ASB Gold or ASB Platinum cardholder and you’ve activated your travel insurance cover according to the terms of your policy.


How can the Medical Help Line help?
The 24/7 service includes:

  • General medical advice on common problems
  • The opportunity to discuss symptoms and worries confidentially
  • Travel health information pre- and post-travel
  • Pre- and post-operative treatment advice
  • Advice and information on lifestyle issues
  • Advice on health services and appropriate care pathways
  • Advice on common chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, asthma, stroke
  • Patient drug information


How do I call the Medical Help Line and what does it cost?

Contact the Medical Help Line on 0800 453 085 if you’re calling from NZ or +64 9 475 0796 if you’re outside NZ. There is no extra cost when you call to use the service.

Terms and conditions apply to travel insurance, please refer to the Gold or Platinum travel policy wording for further details. If you are aged over 79 years you are not eligible for cover under the policy. Other exclusions and limitations apply.

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