BankDirect is logging off, ASB is here to keep you one step ahead.

Over the coming months, BankDirect accounts and services will gradually be switched to ASB accounts and services. As an ASB customer, you'll be able to enjoy banking that's one step ahead, with easier internet banking, a mobile banking app and unbeatable customer service.

Switching over

BankDirect was the original online pioneer. But the world has changed and the time has come for BankDirect to do the same. Over the years, ASB has invested heavily in online and mobile banking services. We’ve created a streamlined, intuitive banking experience for our customers, and we want BankDirect customers to benefit from that as well.

From 29 August 2017, BankDirect accounts and services will start switching to ASB accounts and services.

We'll provide BankDirect customers with the ASB products and services which are most suited to the way they bank now, with the most comparable fees.

Benefits of banking with ASB

  • Manage your money any time with FastNet Classic internet banking or the ASB Mobile app
  • Clever Kash for your child – the magical cashless moneybox
  • ASB Card Control gives you the power to manage your ASB Visa cards anywhere, anytime through the ASB Mobile app
  • Take control of your home loan with our new tool, ASB Home Central

Next steps

Until customers are switched, BankDirect accounts and services will continue to operate as usual. If you're a BankDirect customer here are the next steps for your switch.

01. Your details

Take a moment to check your contact details are up-to-date in NetDirect or call 0800 272 009.

02. Switching to ASB

If you haven't already, you will shortly receive an email or letter to let you know that all BankDirect customers are being switched to ASB.

03. Your ASB products

We'll send you an email or letter, letting you know the ASB products that most closely match those you have at BankDirect.

04. Terms and conditions

We'll provide any relevant terms and conditions for your new ASB accounts.

05. Your switch date

We'll then be in touch to let you know when your switch-over will happen and make sure you're all prepared.

Update your contact details

If you're a current BankDirect customer, please make sure your contact details are up-to-date. You can do that in NetDirect or by calling us on 0800 272 009.

Important documents

Contact us


If you have any questions, please call our dedicated BankDirect team on 0800 272 009, Monday - Friday between 8am and 7pm. Or email us anytime.


Calling from overseas?

If you're calling from overseas, please contact your local Operator and ask to place a collect call/reverse charge call to +64 9 3679433, Monday - Friday between 8am and 7pm New Zealand time.

Customer FAQs

  • What do I need to do?

    There's nothing you need to do right now. Over the coming months, we will be gradually switching all our customers from BankDirect to ASB. We'll contact you again to let you know when your switch-over is happening.

    To help your transition to ASB please take a moment to check your contact details are up-to-date. You can do that in NetDirect, by calling us on 0800 272 009, Monday-Friday between 8am-7pm or email us at bankdirect@asb.co.nz

  • What will happen to my payments?

    What will happen with all my Direct Debits and Bill Payment authorities on my account?
    Your Direct Debits, Automatic Payments and Bill Payment authorities will be automatically transferred across to your new ASB account. There will be some differences in how you find and make payments through FastNet Classic internet banking.

    Payments online
    At ASB, bill payments can only be loaded against one account number, however you still have the ability to make the payment out of any of your ASB accounts just as you did with BankDirect. This can be done via the ‘One-Off Payment’ menu option in FastNet Classic, and then clicking on ‘Select from Payee List’.

    If you have multiple accounts and you want to schedule a future dated Bill Payment you will need to select the Bill Payments menu. When clicking on this option, if you can’t see the Bill Payment you want to set a payment for, click on the drop down ‘Account Number’ menu which will display all of your new ASB Accounts and you’ll be able to find the Bill Payment.

    If you want to create future dated Bill Payments from another account number to the one it is loaded against, you can set up Bill Payments on any ASB Account number through FastNet Classic at no cost.

    What will happen to payments coming into my account?
    For all inward payments such as rental income or wages/salary, you will need to advise those people paying to your BankDirect account of your new ASB account details.

    What will happen to any cheques I've written?

    Once your switch to ASB has been made any cheques written after this date will not be honoured.

  • Will I still be able to access my bank statements?

    Prior to your switch date you are still able to access NetDirect for your transaction history and statements. Please take the time to download your transaction history and retain a copy for your own purposes. Statements can also be obtained simply by calling the specialist line, 0800 272 009 between 8am-7pm or emailing us at bankdirect@asb.co.nz There will be no charge.


  • I never got a letter or any communication about this and now my card’s not working?

    Please call 0800 272 009 between 8am-7pm, or email us at bankdirect@asb.co.nz and we'll assist.

  • Can I change my switch date?

    If you want to switch straight away or change your switch date to one that suits you, please call 0800 272 009 between 8am-7pm Monday - Friday, or email us at bankdirect@asb.co.nz and we’ll be able to assist.

  • Where is my nearest ASB branch?

    The location of all ASB branches and ATMs can be found here.

ASBBankDirect is logging off