ASB PayHere

Shop online using cash in your ASB bank account without the need for a card. Just enter your mobile phone number and approve the payment through your ASB Mobile app.

Benefits at a glance

  • The receiver gets cleared funds and a message confirming receipt.
  • Neither party needs to reveal their bank account details to each other.
  • Maximum spend of $5,000 per day for online purchases (no minimum amount).
  • No messing with cash, cheques, cards or IOUs.
  • Receiving funds is free.
  • Can be used by anyone with an ASB bank account and the ASB Mobile banking application.

PayHere General Features

Key features of ASB PayHere

PayHere transactions are:

  • Instant.
  • More secure (than other online payment options) as it uses ASB Mobile Banking application for payment authorisation.

PayHere is available to all ASB customers who install the latest version of the ASB Mobile Banking application and register their mobile phone.

With PayHere you can make up to $5,000 per day of online purchases if you have funds available.

You use your mobile number to identify your payment request with PayHere.

Is my transaction secure?

Yes. You will be sent a payment request to be authorised separately by you via the ASB Mobile Banking application that is registered with the mobile number you entered into the website you are purchasing from.

How do I use PayHere to pay for things on the internet?

In order to use PayHere you must have downloaded the latest version of the ASB Mobile Banking application and have PayHere turned ON

If the website you are shopping on is an PayHere Merchant there will be a "Pay by PayHere" button next to the credit card or internet banking button.

Just click on that and enter your mobile number that is registered with the ASB Mobile Banking application.

You must then go to the ASB Mobile Banking application that is registered with that mobile number and authorize the payment.

Merchant details

Imagine being paid cash on your website. Or being able to make website sales to customers who don't have a credit card.

With PayHere, both are now a reality. PayHere customers can use funds in their ASB bank account to buy online from Merchants who provide PayHere as a payment method on their websites.

PayHere is a payment platform developed by ASB Bank* that has been designed specifically for the online and mobile environments. For you it means payment certainty and lower than standard fees (compared to receiving credit card payments).

To find out how PayHere can work for you call our Business Account Manager on (09) 369 4393 or email PayHere@asb.co.nz.

*Your PayHere merchant agreement will be with your payment gateway provider and you do not have to have your business banking with ASB Bank to be able to accept PayHere payments.

The PayHere eCommerce solution can help your business

  • Grow your online channel and expand market reach - more than 1 million New Zealanders use the internet but don't have a credit card.
  • Accept cash payments to the value of $5,000.
  • Reduce cost of sales - because PayHere is real money, every PayHere transaction is authenticated and authorised instantly by the customer with their ASB Mobile Banking application.
  • Reduce the risk and cost of online payment fraud without compromising the customer experience - PayHere payments are secure and irrevocable.

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